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How to create a FTP account?

Ans:The steps below can be used to create an FTP account using cPanel.

1.Open cPanel and sign in. Typically, the URL for logging in is, where “” is the domain name of your website.

2. After logging in, head over to the “Files” section and search for the “FTP Accounts” or “FTP Manager” icon. The FTP account management page can be accessed by clicking on it.

3. A form to create a new FTP account can be found on the FTP Accounts page. the following information:

  • Log in: Type the username you want to use for your FTP account. This will be used to access the FTP server and log in.
  • Password: For your FTP account, pick a secure password. Using the internal password generator, you can create a strong password.
  • Directory: Decide which directory the FTP account should have access to. The user’s home directory will by default be the only location the FTP account can access.
  • Quota: If necessary, set a disc space quota for the FTP account. This might confine how much storage the account can use.
  1. Create the account by clicking the “Create FTP Account” or comparable button after entering the necessary data.
  2. After cPanel creates the FTP account, you will see a confirmation message with information about the new account, including the FTP server, username, and assigned directory.
  3. Be sure to write down the username, password, and FTP server information because you will need them to connect to the FTP server using an FTP client.
    That’s it! Through cPanel, you have successfully created an FTP account. Now you can connect to the FTP server and manage your files using the username, password, and FTP server that was provided.
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