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How to create a table using PhpMyAdmin in cPanel?

==> Please follow the below steps to create tables using PhpMyAdmin in cPanel:

Login to cPanel account.

Click on the MySQL Databases icon.

Click on ‘phpMyAdmin’ option

Select the database in which you want to create the table from the left-hand menu.

Select the “Create Table” option.

Enter the following information in the “Create Table” dialogue box:

  • Table Name: Type in the name of the table you want to create.
  • Number of Columns: Enter the number of columns you want in the table.

Enter the following information in each column:

  • Column Name: Enter the name of the column here.
  • Data Type: Select the column’s data type.
  • Length: If applicable, enter the column length.
  • Null: Determine whether the column can be NULL.
  • Default Value: If applicable, enter a default value for the column.
  • To create the table, click the “Go” button.

After you’ve created the table, you can populate it with data by clicking the “Insert” button.

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