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How To Create And Maintain MySQL Databases in cPanel?

 Follow these steps to create a MySQL database in cPanel:

>>Login to your cPanel account.

>>Click on the option “MySQL Databases”.

Enter a name for your database in the “Create New Database” section.

Select the “Create Database” option as shown below.

Once, the database is created it will show up in “Current Database” section as shown below.

To manage the databases from cPanel:

You can manage and add/delete users to database from ‘MySQL Users’ option in cPanel.

You can assign/remove privileges to database users from ‘MySQL Privileges’ option in cPanel

To create backup of database you can use ‘MySQL Backups’ option in cPanel as follows.

To optimize database follow the steps, cPanel >> phpMyAdmin >> select database name >> at the bottom, select option ‘Check all’ and from dropdown menu select ‘Optimize table’ option and your database will be optimized, follow below steps for detail reference.

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