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How to restore cPanel backups for addon domains. Partial cPanel transfer

If you want to perform a partial cPanel transfer, perhaps for specific addon domains, you might need to use a slightly different approach:
–>Generate a Partial Backup:
In the cPanel of the source server, create a partial backup that includes the addon domains you want to transfer.
Navigate to the “Backup” or “Backup Wizard” section and select “Partial Backups.”
–> Download Backup File:
Download the generated backup file to your local machine.
–> Transfer Files:
Transfer the backup file to the destination server. You can use FTP, SCP, or any other method you prefer.
–> Restore on Destination Server:
On the destination server, access cPanel and go to the “Backup” or “Backup Wizard” section.
Choose the option to restore or upload a backup file.
Select the backup file you transferred.
–> Complete Restore:
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the restore process.
–> Important Considerations:
Ensure that the cPanel versions on the source and destination servers are compatible.
The backup file should include all necessary data for the addon domains (files, databases, etc.).
Verify that any required DNS changes are made to point the addon domains to the new server.
Always make sure you have a backup of your data before performing any restores or transfers to avoid data loss. Additionally, the steps might vary slightly depending on the specific cPanel version.

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