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How to set up the FileZilla?

Ans: You can use the steps below to set up FileZilla to connect to your FTP account via cPanel:

  1. Get FileZilla from the official website at and install it.
    02 Start FileZilla on your computer.
  2. Go to the “FTP Accounts” or “FTP Manager” section within cPanel to find the FTP account you made there. The FTP account that you want to connect to should be listed on this page.
  3. Write down the username, password, and FTP server information related to the FTP account. For FileZilla to be configured, these details are required.
  4. In FileZilla, select “File” and then “Site Manager” or just press Ctrl + S on your keyboard. A window for the site manager will appear.
  5. In the Site Manager, select “New Site” and give the site a name, such as “My FTP Site.”
  6. Fill out the following details in the “General” tab:
  • Host: Type the address of the FTP server. The format for this is typically or
  • Port: Use the default value (usually 21) or leave this field empty.
  • Choose “FTP – File Transfer Protocol”
  • For secure connections, select “Use explicit FTP over TLS if available” from the Encryption menu. Choose “Only use plain FTP (insecure)” if your server does not support TLS.

7. Choose “Normal” as the logon type under the “Logon Type” tab.
8. Enter the cPanel-recorded FTP account username and password.
9. To save the configuration and connect to the FTP server, click “Connect”.

10. After using the provided information to establish a connection with the FTP server, FileZilla will display the local files on your computer on the left and the remote files on the FTP server on the right.
FileZilla is now able to transfer files between your local computer and the FTP server. To upload or download files or folders, merely drag them between the local and remote file listings.
Note: If you experience connection problems, check to see if your firewall or antivirus program is preventing FileZilla from running. You should also double-check that you have entered the correct FTP server address, username, and password.

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