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How to transfer hosting account without cPanel?

Transferring a hosting account without cPanel can be a bit more involved than using a control panel like cPanel, but it is still feasible. Here’s a general guide on how to transfer a hosting account without cPanel:

Steps for Hosting Account Transfer Without cPanel:
Back Up Your Website Files: Use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) clientlike Filezilla to connect to your current hosting server.
Download all your website files to your local computer.

Export Database (if applicable): If your website uses a database, export it using the tools provided by your current hosting provider.

Save Configuration Files: Locate and save any configuration files related to your website or applications.

Upload Website Files: Using an FTP client, upload your website files to the new hosting server.

Import Database (if applicable): If you exported a database, import it into the new hosting account using the tools provided by the new hosting provider.

Update Configuration Files: If there are any configuration files specific to your website or applications, update them with the new server details.

Update DNS Records: Update the DNS records to point to the new hosting provider. This involves changing the nameservers or updating the DNS settings at your domain registrar.

Check and Test: Once DNS propagation is complete, thoroughly check your website to ensure everything is working correctly.

Cancel Old Hosting Account: After confirming the successful transfer, you can cancel your old hosting account.

Notes and Tips:

Technical Knowledge: This process may require some technical knowledge, especially if you are dealing with databases and configuration files. If needed, seek assistance from your new hosting provider’s support team.

Domain Transfer: If your domain is registered with the old hosting provider, consider transferring it to a domain registrar for more flexibility.

Always check with both your old and new hosting providers for any specific instructions or tools they provide to facilitate the transfer process. Keep in mind that the process may vary based on the technologies and systems used by each hosting provider.

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