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My Plesk account backup is maintained by Dollar2host? How do I restore my Plesk account backup?

1. Log in to Plesk

2. Go to “Domains” tab and click on domain name of which you wish to restore the backup of.

3. In it you will see the option “Backup & Restore” at the topmost right corner of that account panel as shown below, click on it.

4. In the Backup Manager, find the backup file you want to restore. This could be a local backup or a remote backup stored by Dollar2host.

5. Choose the type of item you want to restore from the dropdown menu near the “Type of object to restore” section. For instance, if you pick “Site,” find the backup you want and move it to the “Selected:” section. You can also enter an email address to get notifications about the restoration process. Once you’ve set your options, click “Restore.”

6. Wait for the restore process to complete. You can monitor the progress within the Backup Manager.

7. After the restore process is complete, verify that your websites and other data are restored correctly.

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