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Who will maintain my reseller account backups?

The maintenance of your reseller account backups depends on whether you have signed up for the backup policy. Here’s a breakdown:

Without Backup Policy:

If you have not subscribed to the backup policy, the statement mentions that while the Dollar2host maintains backups for reseller accounts on the server, there is no guarantee that your backup will be retained on the server at all times.

    With Backup Policy:

    If the client signs up for the backup policy, the Dollar2host commits to maintaining daily and weekly backups of the reseller account and their clients.
    It is clarified that subscribing to the backup policy incurs an additional cost.

    In summary, without the backup policy, the Dollar2host does maintain backups on the server but doesn’t assure continuous availability. If clients opt for the backup policy, daily and weekly backups are conducted as per the reseller plan, and details about the associated costs can be found at

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