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What is the difference between cPanel and WHM

cPanel is an organization that provides various services for web hosting. There are two main and popular services offered by cPanel, i.e., WHM (Web host Manager) for web hosting server management tool and cPanel (Control Panel) for web hosting end-user account management tool. Below are some common differences between a cPanel account and a WHM account:

a) A WHM can manage multiple cPanel accounts under it, however, cPanel accounts are the features of WHM.

b) Only root user and Reseller accounts have privileges to access WHM, however, cPanel can be accessed by the root/reseller and the cPanel authorized user (end-user) as well.

c) Through WHM, the cPanel accounts can be suspended/terminated/password updated or packages management for cPanel accounts can be managed, however, cPanel users do not have such privileges to set on their own.

d) cPanel is used to manage website hosting and WHM is used to manage the cPanel accounts.

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