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What is the fix for the “Password incorrect” error?

If you receive a “Password incorrect” error when attempting to connect FileZilla to your FTP account through cPanel, you can try the following solutions:

  1. Confirm the Right Password:
  • Double-check that the password you are using for your FTP account is correct. Because case affects how a password functions, be sure to capitalise words properly and include any necessary special characters.
    Reset the password for your FTP account:
  • Go to the “FTP Accounts” or “FTP Manager” section of cPanel.
  • Find the FTP account you’re attempting to connect to and select “Change Password” from the menu.
  • Change the FTP account’s password, then save your changes.
  • Connect to FileZilla using the newly created password.

2. Make use of an FTP account Username:

  • Verify that you are connecting to FileZilla with the correct FTP account username. Additionally, usernames are case-sensitive, so double-check your entry.

3. Verify the configuration of the FTP server:

  • Password requirements or restrictions may be specific to the FTP server configuration in cPanel. Examine any password rules or restrictions that your hosting provider may have implemented.
  • Make sure your password complies with any rules that may be present, such as any character or minimum length restrictions.

4. Stop using temporary passwords:

  • A few hosting companies give customers the choice of creating temporary passwords for FTP accounts. It’s possible that the temporary password you’re using has expired or been rendered invalid. In cPanel, change the password for your FTP account. Then, try connecting using the new password.
    You should be able to resolve the “Password incorrect” error and successfully connect FileZilla to your FTP account via cPanel by following these steps.
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