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How do I find out that my domain name points correctly?

The steps mentioned below can be used to check that your domain name points to the correct A record or server IP:

Step 1)

If you are using a Windows PC, you can check whether the domain is correctly pointing by typing “ping” in command prompt. If the search result displays the IP address of your current hosting provider, where you have hosted the site, the domain is correctly pointed.

If you are using a Mac or Linux, go to the console and type “ping” again. If the ping result shows the current hosting provider where you have hosted the site, the domain is pointing correctly and has propagated properly.

Step 2)

For Windows or Mac,you can also use the command nslookup to find the IP where domain is pointing.

1. Open Command prompt.

2. Enter the nslookup command. The IP address of your personal DNS server will be displayed. The type of record, domain name, and DNS server (IP address) can all be specified.

3.Type nslookup domainname, the A record for the domain you conducted a query for will be returned by this command. You can see the results for A records pointed to site.

Step 3)

You can determine the IP address to which your domain points by using the online tool called “intodns.” You can access the tool using the following link:

Access intodns in web Brower>> Enter you domain in the domain box and click Report.

Now you can see each DNS record for your domain name.

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