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How to register a domain?

To register a domain, follow the below steps;

First step is to search a domain name

Click the websitelink :

Please enter the desired domain name along with the top-level domain (TLD) in the search field and click “Check Availability” to determine whether the domain is available for purchase or not.

On the next page. Verify the captcha and click on search tab.

Once the domain is available

Follow the next step for checkout:

Click on Add to cart and then Checkout.

Next process is to configure the Domain

In the Domain configuration page, you will also find the option to use custom nameservers.

Additionally, there is an ID protection option available to safeguard your personal information and reduce the amount of spam reaching your inbox.

Click on ‘continue’ to proceed.

You are now redirected to checkout option, here you can also Apply a Promo code if any.

Click on Checkout option to proceed.

Next step is to enter your personal details and billing information in the checkout form.

Below is the Domain Registrant Information section.

To proceed with the payment details, you can choose your preferred method of payment and complete the checkout process by clicking the “Complete Order” tab.

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