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What are private name servers & how do I create them?

Private name servers are DNS name servers that connect to an individual domain name instead of using the domain name servers provided by Dollar2host.
Private nameservers are also called “Child Name Servers” by some registrars.

At Dollar2host you can set up private name servers from your client area directly.

1. Login to your client area
2. Navigate to Domains >> My Domains.
3. Click on the tool icon appearing inline of a domain name on the right-hand side and click on the Manage Nameservers link.
4. Click on the private nameservers link in the left panel.
5. Provide ns1 in the Nameserver field under Register a NameServer Name.
6. Provide IP address from welcome email, Click Save Changes.

Repeat steps (5) and (6) for ns2 and secondary IP addresses.

If you need any help, You can reach out to our support department through live chat or through the support ticket link for help:

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