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Does the hosting account plan include a backup service?

Backup services are not automatically included in our hosting plans; they are offered as an optional, paid add-on. We emphasize the importance of regular backups for safeguarding your website’s files and configurations.
As part of our policy, customers are responsible for independently creating and storing backups off the server. While server backups are not guaranteed, our control panel provides tools enabling customers to perform data backups, download information, and manage their backup strategy.
For clients who opt for our paid backup service with shared and reseller hosting plans, we conduct daily backups of databases with a retention period of 7 days. Weekly backups of website data are also performed, with a retention period of 1 day.
Please note that our hosting plans do not inherently include backup services; they are available as an additional, subscription-based feature. To activate our backup policy, a supplementary fee is required.

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